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Yoshinori SHIMATANI / Takaoka-shi - Japan

Craftsman specializing in Orin bowl, Yoshinori Shimatani is the 4th generation of a workmanship established in 1909. CEO of Syouryu Koubou, he works to perpetuate the long-running tradition while using his expertise to develop new products as well.

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Mitsuhiro KYODEN / Takaoka-shi - Japan

Craftsman specialized in Butsudan (buddhist altars), Mitsuhiro KYODEN participates in the preservation of ancient temples or historic buildings in Takaoka, as well as collaborating with manufacturers, designers and students of his region to create new crafts.

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Takeshi MUSASHIGAWA / Takaoka-shi - Japan

Takeshi MUSASHIGAWA comes from a family specializing in raden crafts for three generations. Recognized as a highly skilled traditional craftsman, he has been awarded for his works a number of times.

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Toyooka Craft / Hamamatsu-shi - Japan

Formerly a clock manufacturer for Seiko, Toyooka Craft has expertise in the fabrication of wooden accessories and small furniture.

Having perfected their mastery of Kumiki, they attempt to promote their know-how in turning to the creation of everyday objects for more contemporary uses.

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Koji ORII / Takaoka-shi - Japan

CEO of the momentum Orii factory, Koji ORII is specialized in the copper and brass finish. His unequalled mastery, the singularity of his technique, and the depth of his colors allow him to sublimate in production of both religious and daily life objects.

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