Meet Flavien Delbergue

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Studio based in Paris, founded in 2015





Photographs by Flavien Delebergue


Following his own sensibility, Flavien Delbergue got two strong experiences abroad. One was around Japanese craftsmanship in Kyoto, the other one was in a Danish design studio in Copenhagen. During his studies, he questioned himself on the value of sincerity in a design production. Graduated from École Boulle - Paris in 2015, this emotion becomes fundamental in his work as designer. He designs everyday objects, looking for a new accuracy meaningful.

In 2016, he founded his design studio thought as an opened playground. He puts know-how’s exchange and collaboration with craftsmen, publishers and institutions at the center of creation. His approach is inspired by the Japanese culture. His creative process is based on the stripping of the material to reach objects with pure and soothing lines, whose function is obvious. An essential research of the emptiness that aim to economise means and guides us towards objects modestly balanced.

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Designed by Flavien Delbergue