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Atelier Takumi

Come discover our first collection merging Japanese crafts and French design.


The hand’s spirit

Our products are the result of a dialogue between some of the best craftsmen in Japan, and the next-leaders of French design.

Sharing a common utopia, we suggest new perspectives to craftsmanships often unrecognized or unsung, and propose a vision of honesty in respect of the traditions.  

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Experience oriented

We believe that designs are something which need to "happen".

This is why whether it be for an instant, or for a sole action, our products must serve to reconnect people to their surrounding environment by a loyal, durable, and reasonable usage.


We believe that a simple object realized with care can transmit great values


As we believe in values of the craftsmanship, we actively participate in its preservation.

Devotees of simple objects and the story they carry, we wish to propose a solution to those who seek reconnection to a more humane production.   

We think that from this synergy between contemporary usage and traditions shall derive a renewed craftsmanship.

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Environment as a Legacy

Environmental care is an indissociable part of our reflection.

The attention we pay to the process and the materials used engages our responsibilities both professionally and spiritually.

It is to serve this purpose that Atelier Takumi works with several NPOs, to help preserve the specific Japanese nature, like the Urushi trees

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Because it's a Necessity

It is because we are conscious of the difficulties encountered by many  japanese enterprises that we wished to share our experience.

Since its creation, Atelier Takumi has accompanied numerous manufacturers to better understand the European market, and propositions in accordance with their future clients.