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Quick Facts

Studio based in Paris, founded in 2015





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Flavien Delbergue traveled to many countries during his studies. He is appealed to the journey to understand the ways of life beyond our borders. One of these experiences has been to work for Japan Handmade, a group of craftsmen based in Kyoto, where he becomes conscious of the emotional language associated to the objects around him. He keeps up this experience by writing his essay on Japanese sincerity, 誠意 called seii. 

Graduated from École Boulle in 2015, Flavien Delbergue attaches importance to design daily life objects. Three characteristics are at the heart of his approach to design objects : the obviousness of the function, the sensitive experience by the research of the emptiness shape and, the treatment of the material. Theses qualities have to be inherent to the object in order for it to be balanced. 

His experience as a designer led him to combine several manufacturing process : crafts, digital or industrial, for different brands. Today, his main goal is to pursue by multiplying collaborations in order to create new balanced objects. 

He currently lives and works in Paris.

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