Meet Toyooka Craft

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Few words

Toru Yamazaki CEO of Toyooka Craft founded in 1969.

Established in Hamamatsu-city.





“Toyooka Craft Co., Ltd. is a wood-working company founded in 1969 in Hamamatsu, that took over the production of organs, drums, and pianos for Nihon Gakki (now, YAMAHA).

This company constructs metal-free products using the "kumi-ki" method, in which wooden pieces are fitted together with the help of special cutting and polishing techniques.

Their founder studied special techniques based on meteorological principles at university, which allows for 0.1mm increments in construction, while taking into account environmental constraints, and wood variations due to high Japanese humidity.

The design and sale of the Toyooka Craft Collection started 30 years ago and has come to be loved by authors, scholars, and other people of culture. It can be found in department stores and world-class catalogs”.

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Crafted by Toyooka Craft